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Watch your favourite programs, listen to your favourite music, check the weather, today's events - your imagination is the only limit.

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High quality and attention to even the smallest details of our LED mirrors are clearly visible even at the highest magnification.

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Different Faces of LED Mirrors

Choose the perfect mirror from up to 3 models with different finishes.  Each of them presents a different personality!  Choose from subtle, soft lines and a soft glow of light, or more powerful illumination and uncompromising style.

  • Premium Line

    Premium Line

    Our premium LED mirrors are designed for people who want precise lighting for their face and high clarity. Thanks to the solid mirror frame, available in 15 colours, the light falls in one direction only, without creating the effect of wall reflections. The clear contour of the frame gives the room a dignified and expressive feel.

  • Slim Line

    Slim Line

    This the perfect compromise between sophisticated delicacy and a slightly more expressive form. This variant is equipped with a delicate, light transmitting casing. Lighting is directed at the person looking in the mirror, but at the same time also casts a soft glow on the wall. This creates an amazing feeling of spaciousness and depth in the room.

  • Ambient Line

    Ambient Line

    The most sublime mirrors in our collection are smooth, transparent panes without frames. The delicate shapes of the mirror will bring lightness to any bathroom, and thanks to their decorative nature you will create a unique atmosphere in your bathroom. Fancy LED lighting leaves a glow on the wall, exposing the mirror in an amazing way.

  • Mirror WoodenFrame

    Mirror WoodenFrame


    Mirrors directly from a well-established manufacturer. The years of experience have contributed to the development of a product that satisfies even the most demanding customers.


    Timeless style and top-class finish. Wide range of frame colors allows to match the mirror to any bathroom

    Shelf Function

    The bottom part of the frame can be used as a shelf to create useful space for bathroom accessories

    LED Lighting

    Thanks to advanced LED technology you can enjoy natural light and reduced power consumption. The lighting will make everyday activities, such as applying makeup or shaving, much easier.


Bathroom cabinet

Practical space for your accessories

Our LED mirror cabinets are an innovative combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.  You must explore all the possibilities that the mirrored cabinet front with its multi-stage modulation of light gives you.

  • Emily


    You can easily adjust this cabinet to your needs. Our offer includes capacious two- and three-door models in various colours, with fronts made of LED illuminated mirrors. Emily lets you store even your most extensive cosmetics collection and provides your bathroom with natural, pleasant LED light. Good facial lighting will make your daily bathroom routine easier and reduce energy consumption, even if you equip the mirror with a multitude of accessories.

  • Lily


    This two- or three-door cabinet with mirror fronts equipped with LED lighting is a unique model. It is also equipped with internal lighting, which not only looks spectacular, but also makes it easier to use the furniture. Lily is at the same time extremely functional - you can order many useful gadgets for it, e.g. touch control to turn the lighting on and off, or a weather station.

  • Sofia


    Rich colours of this cabinet allow you to perfectly match it to the bathroom decor, and thanks to the unique upward opening system you can install it in any place you want. An additional advantage is the smooth, non-split LED mirror panel, which definitely increases the aesthetic value, but is also extremely practical. If you want, you can equip it with many useful accessories.